Our First Design Job!

Hey now. Hey now. This is what dreaaaaams are made of! Thank you Hillary Duff for perfectly describing our very first INTERIOR DESIGN job. We feel like big girls now.

About 2 months ago our dear friends Anna Margaret and Eric (owners of Dough Joes Donut Truck) asked if we would ~sift~ all of the furniture and accessories  for their coffee shop due to open this month! We took the challenge with a resounding yeehaw and got to work searching for all of the perfect pieces. Their vision included rich jewel tones, fine-leather-goods (Donna Meagle voice), and layers of vintage artwork. Anna Margaret wanted it to feel like old world Europe, as if the café had been there for eons. We had so much fun putting the shop together and cannot wait for our next project. Go to Home Styling on our main menu and click “Let’s Work Together” to inquire about our design services. We would love to work with you! 

I must say only 3 THINGS featured in the shop are new. That’s friggin amazing. The earth thanks us. Jk but really it can be done people. (New items: tables, 1 rug, throw pillows)

Follow @doughjoes on Instagram for opening details!