How we each style our bedroom: Millers Room!

Howdy & happy Tuesday! We thought it would be fun to showcase the same room in each of our homes to showcase how our style varies from one another. One of the best things about working together is that we both bring our individual taste & style eye to the table! We are constantly inspired by one another and play off of each other’s strengths. Visit the blogs landing page to see Liv’s room.

Liv’s favorite part about Miller’s style: I love the way Miller combines things wether that be books and plants or the framed “&” symbol next to her bed - which is genius because her and her man sleep there together !! Duhh who thinks like that? She does. She is more comfortable with rich jewel tones and her brain just naturally creates cozy magic in each room. I don’t know if she even likes boho style but she is kinda a boho queen....


When we moved here 6 months ago with a brand new baby, the first room I set up was my bedroom. I wanted a bright, pretty space to retreat to amidst the chaos of all the transitions going on in my life. It is far from done, in fact it’ll never be done done because I’m already getting the itch to change it up again!

So many things in this room are second hand. The rug is one of my favorite finds, I stumbled upon it at a garage sale for… wait for it… $5! The marble top dresser is a hand-me-down from my great grandmother and the mirror and brass accessories are from goodwill. The only new new things are the pillows and the plant! 

New side tables are on my “thrift wish list,” every time I walk in a thrift store I cross my fingers I’ll find some. We’ve had these since college and they aren’t working for us anymore. I prefer clean, clutter free spaces and the lack of drawers frustrates me. But the thing about thrifting is you can’t rush it, I am confident I’ll find some sweet tables soon. In the meantime, I keep that blue basket on my side of the bed with lotion and other skin care hidden down inside it. Another item on my wish list are new curtains. These are the ones that came with our rental house and they aren’t ideal. I just haven’t spent the time or money to hunt down better curtains, but I know I want long white ones.

I love this room so much. When it’s clean, which is not as often as I’d hope ;), it’s bright and airy and so peaceful.