Meet Secondhand Shawty!

Today’s guest is Carmen from Secondhand Shawty! She is an absolute beauty with a super energetic and bright sense of style. Her shop is especially amazing for early 90s goodness. Thank you so much Carmen for taking the time to share your vintage story with us! Go shop SECONDHAND SHAWTY!

Instagram: @secondhandshawty

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Where are you from?

Born in Heidelberg, Germany (military brat) and raised in Alabama, Georgia, Missouri and Virginia!

How did you get into vintage?

I was broke AF in college so I started thrifting to find clothes. I always loved the fashions from my fav 90s shows so I naturally gravitated towards finds that were bright and abstract designs.

Any vintage find that you’ll never let go of?

Unfortunately, I have let go of some good ass pieces that I still think about sometimes but I know they’re in good homes now. I do have an amazing denim duster that I LOVE.

How would you describe your style?

As much as I love color, my style is very monochromatic and sleek. I like to think that I take all of the best parts of the 90s. I love oversized, one pieces, denim and dark lipstick. Madewell and Free People are my fav stores (besides the thrift stores of course!)

Any vintage shops or fashion accounts that inspire you that you would like to share? 

I have come across some AMAZING shops on IG since I started SS. Lexi Goes Thrifting. Aarica Nicole, A Colorful Nomad, Franklin Jay, The Cosmic Circle, Kuration Collective. They all seem like bright, fun, creative women that I wish I knew!