Meet Megan from Circantiques!

Every week in addition to our Wednesday drop we will be highlighting a new vintage shop that inspires us! We will continue to archive these posts so that you guys can refer back to them when you’re on the hunt for amazing vintage clothing & home accessories. All the love! 

Introducing Megan from Circantiques! Upon finding Megan’s account we were immediately struck by her point of view and authenticity. It’s clear how carefully she assembles her photos to honor the historicity of her vintage gems. 


Find her on instagram here:

More about Megan:

How did you get into vintage?

Part of it was my grandmother. I am originally from Chicago so she lived in a gorgeous historic brownstone condo. She’s always let me go through her things and each visit I got to take something home with me. She had so many vintage purses, jewelry etc, I just loved it.

Then my parents always loved to go to antique shops and look at historic homes and museums. That was most my childhood haha. So I majored in art history and held jobs at an auction house, galleries, a museum and helped my parents with their family business Dorsey Antiques. Haha I know that’s a lot but I loooooveeee old things. Nothing like them.

How would you describe your personal style/taste in vintage fashion and interiors?

So I love the English European style and early American styles of Colonial Williamsburg. I also like to mix and match. I like spaces that are eclectic and thoughtful.

Any favorite vintage shops or inspiring accounts? 

I love @vivianvintage8, @spakeasachildvintage, @wassail_antiques, @hillhousevintage and then @luxeneonette- she has great fine china.

Thank you so much Megan!